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Client | Arago

Role | Art Direction

Awards | First Prize

               Design Marathon


Do you feel pretty?

Do you want to be pretty?

We all feel like we have to follow some kind of behavior everyday to feel beautiful. But being beautiful isn’t a skill. There are a lot more terms to define a woman. She can be resourceful, brave, creative, intelligent…we feel like there's no choice other than being beautiful.

Our aim is to destroy this idea. We strive for the woman as a human being, not as a female being. Woman emancipated from the idea of woman. Women getting rid of the woman.

The woman becomes a new entity.

Aragō, Handbag Brand. Made in Italy, Aragō produces high quality leather high-tech handbags for the modern and stylish working woman. With innovation and timelessness both at the core of the brand, you can expect a classic product with a touch of future.

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